Over the last several years, wellness has quickly transformed from a personal lifestyle choice to a thriving industry. However, it is important to note that this growth was not fueled merely by trends like athleisure wear, fad diets, or artisanal pressed juices.

Instead, people of every age have looked to wellness programs to help them counteract the negative side effects of stress they encounter on a daily basis, whether at work or home. Therefore, exercise, clean eating, and other forms of self-care have quickly risen not only in popularity but importance as well.

This increased need for relaxation has resulted in the development and growth of one particularly helpful health trend: wellness retreats. Designed to allow individuals to escape from endless to-do lists, familial commitments, and work-related anxieties, these programs integrate a variety of exercises and routines to mitigate stress and improve mindfulness.

However, the benefits of embarking on these trips do not end there. With that in mind, let us take some time to explore the advantages of attending a wellness retreat.

Forging a connection with nature

It is no secret that the beauty of nature acts as a source of inspiration and healing. Due to this connection, many wellness retreats are held at locations that provide a boost to physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental health alike — namely, exotic jungles, beaches, and even atop mountains.

By spending this extended period outdoors, attendees are given the opportunity to escape their stressors and afford the cognitive portions of their brains a rest, leaving them feeling refreshed, renewed, and considerably more at ease.

Prioritizing self-care

While we are trapped in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our own desires and needs often fall by the wayside. Sometimes, this is because we feel it would be too selfish of us to focus a moment of our free time on ourselves.

On a wellness retreat, however, individuals are given the tools they need to prioritize their wellbeing and, over time, integrate self-care habits into their daily routines. Although these tactics can vary depending on one’s stress level or need for a break, some examples include, but are certainly not limited to: meditating during one’s lunch break, planning and making healthy meals as opposed to eating out, or taking a mental health day after a particularly difficult week.

Evidently, wellness retreats are not a passing trend, but a method of unplugging, minimizing stress, and laying a strong foundation for future strength and success. If you are interested in attending a wellness retreat, consider reaching out to Caitlin Crowe, founder of Topo Pino, on Twitter!